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Develop your own Personal Care Plan for Working with Spirit by exploring the following:


- Sleep Patterns & Natural Energy Rhythms 

- Eating to Increase Vibration & Clarity

- Enhancing the Vibration of your Enviornment 

- Setting Intentions for the Highest & Best

- Building Parameters with Spirit

- Spiritual Protection

- Spiritual Support Team


This is a one on one lesson held over Zoom. It is recommended that you view this on either a tablet or computer versus phone (although any of the above will work).


You will receive a pdf download with a two page worksheet upon purchase of your one on one lesson. I will contact you within 24 hrs of your purchase to schedule. 


****This service is also offered as a group class, price is reflected. Classes are held on a 6 week rotating basis. If you would like to attend a group class versus a one on one please email me at for details. 


**Small group classes are also available for households and friends, message me to find out more. 





Spirit Prep: One on One Lesson

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