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Crystal Healing & Communication



The bearer of inner peace and tranquility, Amazonite, is ready to join you on your journey of becoming one with yourself. Thought to provide a soft blanket of harmonious energy, Amazonite is the perfect companion for anyone who is looking for clearer communication and thoughtful connection with others. 



Associated with the crown chakra, Amethyst is believed to improve sleep, dismantle draining thoughts or connections, and increase intuitive abilities through its protective nature. Amethyst makes an excellent parter for anyone trying to overcome limitations and increase their overall spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing



Activate your intuition with Apophyllite by cleansing away auric debris. With its natural ability to purify the energy around it, Apophyllite is an excellent guide for anyone who feels they could benefit from a little less mental clutter. Connect with your higher self, guides, and guardians through the guidance of Apophyllite. 



It is believed that bloodstone is a natural purifier, helping to remove toxins from the body and aura. Through its ability to stimulate flow, bloodstone is thought to help remove energetic blockages in the mind and body. If you have been experiencing feelings of being stuck or under-stimulated, invite bloodstone to move you.


Calligraphy Stone

Calligraphy Stone, or Elephant Jasper, is believed to find those embarking upon a Spiritual Quest. With its ability to recall past life events, enhance automatic writing abilities, and improve connection to Spirit, Calligraphy Stone is a powerful aid. Work with Calligraphy Stone by envisioning a cord of energy from the crown to the root chakra, anchoring in knowledge and information. 



Charoite is associated with the crown chakra and helps to unravel thoughts or fears that limit your experience while here on Earth. A great companion for those who are energy sensitive or struggle with feeling like they belong, Charoite enhances the ability to see unique qualities and abilities and feel comfortable exploring them. Celebrate what makes you who you are!


Desert Rose

Unravel cluttered thoughts through the assistance of desert rose. Associated with the crown chakra, desert rose is a master at decluttering the mind by rapidly organizing thoughts into plans for action. Release limiting pathways, bring forth clarity, and gain insight on repeating patterns by taking a journey with desert rose. 



Fluorite is believed to find those who are ready to face their true life purpose. Gradually aligning you with your highest and best, Fluorite is a nurturing stone that shakes away energy draining your ability to see your potential. If you have been seeking clarity and direction, your new guide has arrived. Get ready to say ""yes" to your best self!


Herkimer Diamond

This herkimer diamond has been hand-mined with love and care. Herkimer Diamonds occur naturally with 18 or 19 faces, ranging in clarity and formation. They are found only in New York, in pockets of anthraxolite (decayed plant matter) and layers of hard rock. It is believed that Herkimers help make dreams come true by bringing clarity, helping to overcome obstacles and amplifying intention. 



It is believed that Pyrite brings forth abundance through its protective nature. Invite Pyrite to work with you, shielding you from draining connections while guiding you towards an abundant reality. Welcome possibility, stability, and courage into all areas of your life and build a solid foundation for your future with the support of Pyrite. 


Red Flower Jasper

Associated with the solar plexus chakra and root chakra, Red Flower Jasper helps to bring thoughts and ideas into your physical reality with confidence and determination. If you feel called to plant new seeds and nurture them until they blossom, consider bringing Red Flower Jasper along for the journey. Feel yourself rooted in possibility!


Tiger Eye

A great talisman of protection, Tiger Eye, helps reflect off draining energy and bring forth an inner fire of passion and determination. See your goals clearer with the enhanced vision of Tiger Eye, then harness the primal energy within and go for your goals! Associated with the Solar Plexus, Tiger Eye, brings forth the courage and stamina to say "I AM Ready." 

Metaphysical Crystal Meaning Master List

Thank you for sharing your time with me today and honoring Nature while nurturing your Spirit. All of the metaphysical crystal meanings have been channeled by me, for the Highest and Best, and are intended as a means for personal reflection. As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. If you learned something new today and want to share a little love, click the link below to keep that *caffeinated* energy a'flow! 

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