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All my life I've felt a special bond with Nature. As a child I was most at home in the woods looking for animal tracks or searching the skies for birds. My fondest memories are family adventures - camping, fishing derbies, and collecting crystals in the river at family reunions. I consider myself very fortunate that my family encouraged me to spend time in Nature. As I got older collecting crystals became a huge part of my life and, even still today, my father and I frequent many trips with our local mineral club. 
My own journey started to unfold in 2009 after thinking, "What am I going to do with all these rocks?" My father and I took a wire wrapping course for Father's Day, bringing our own hand-collected crystals to practice with. I was surprised at how "natural" it felt to make each piece and, within a few days, I felt as though I had been making jewelry for years. I began attending local Farmer's Markets in 2010. I started to notice how I had a certain "sense" about which crystal a person was going to feel drawn to. There were many days I would find myself scrambling to make a piece just before a market only to have that be the one needed most that day. Intuitively I was communicating with the crystals long before I realized it. In 2012 I opened my online Etsy shop and felt a great joy in shipping my art around the world but after a few years I felt as though there was something more to “this” journey.

I've joked my whole life I'm stubborn - being a Taurus it doesn't take much to get someone on board with the idea it could be so. With that said, let's fast forward to 2017 when I finally realized what was REALLY going on. After much coaxing I reluctantly decided to attend a Mediumship Circle. The idea was no pressure, to have fun, …. to be honest, I had NO IDEA what I was walking in to. The woman leading the group paired us off and asked each of us to give the "reader" a name. The woman I was paired with gave me the name of her father. Much to my surprise, I was able to rattle off detailed facts right there. I was in shock but the teacher didn't look surprised one bit. The next month I attended circle again - this time I was also asked to stand before the class. Again, I was able to rattle off information I had NO WAY of knowing. I was so ecstatic and so grateful to be able to take part in such a thing.Thus sparked my adventure into the world of Mediumship! 

Over the last several years I have attended Introduction to Mediumship as well as Professional Mediumship courses which provided me with a solid foundation and experience so that I could further my own bond with Spirit. It gave me a place to grow so that I may feel confident being a conduit for Spirit, delivering messages that truly bring forth evidence of their life beyond the transition of death. I have the ability to hear, feel, and see Spirit. It is a blessing to bring forth comfort and healing for those grieving the loss of their loved ones. I truly believe that the gift of Mediumship is meant to heal. Each reading is designed not only to bring forth evidence but also to provide a level of healing. I have also received my Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement, and am continuously marveled daily at the ability Reiki has to heal and re-align an individual. 
I am honored to be able to say; my name is Sara Beth and I am a Medium. My purpose and way of giving back to others is through my ability to connect with Spirit, heal through the Universal Life Force, and create art crafted from Nature infused with Reiki healing energy.  I thank you for your time and I am honored that your journey has lead you to my little corner of the Universe.
Please take a moment to explore,
Sara Beth
Bachelor of Science
Concentration in Exercise Science
Minor in Health Promotion
Reiki Master/Teacher


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