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Want to practice your mediumship skills but not sure if you are ready for a group setting? Try a one-on-one mediumship development session. This is great for beginner to intermmediate mediums or for those who are looking for feedback to further their gifts. Feedback is always delivered in a postive and loving manner of growth. 


Each session is tailored specifically to you, your comfort level, and your goals as a developing medium. 


Together we will explore topics such as: 


- How to Set Intention before working with Spirit


- Developing Specific Clair Senses 


- Providing Evidential Mediumship


- Creating a Symbol Bank with Spirit


- How to Express Psychic Information (I see, I feel, I hear, etc..)


- Specific tools for the toolbox (ie. getting names, relationships, etc)


- Creating an Introduction when Reading for Others


Come with questions and bring your journal! Let's have a one on one session and dive further into the world of Mediumship. 


Sessions are done by phone and are approximately one hour. 



Mediumship Development | One-on-One Practice Session

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