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Channeled messages from the Universe and from your Spirit Guides delivered directly to your email inbox.


Have you wanted to know more about your Spirit Guides? Have you wondered what advice the Universe has just for you? Receiving a channeled message is a great way to receive this information and keep it to look back on. Each channel is done with intention for your highest and best. I begin by opening Sacred Space and inviting in your loved ones, Spirit Guides, Animal Guardians, and Angels. I then connect to the Universal Collective Life-force and become a conduit for information.


This information is relayed to me though my Spiritual Gifts and abilities (see "about me" to learn more) and I translate that information into a message just for you. All of the information that is channeled from Spirit is then sent to you by email. This is your special gift from Spirit and yours to keep.


Readings are delivered within 48 hours of your order and sent directly to your email inbox. They are handwritten, scanned, and put into a beautiful document for you to keep. If you would like the paper copy of your reading, it will be sent to you at no extra charge. 

Channeled Messages from Your Spirit Guides

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